The all electric Chetak - FULLY LIFEPROOF

14 Juli 2023, 05:24 WIB

Waterproof. Stainproof. Splashproof. Noiseproof. Thudproof. Rumbleproof. Dustproof. Loadproof. Bumpproof. Fadeproof. Worryproof. When you buy an all-electric Chetak, your journey is Fully Lifeproof! _______________________________________________________________________________________ Life can be tricky for two-wheeler owners; you never know what surprise is around the corner. Sudden rain, or A peaceful parking lot turning into a sports arena. A child’s playful imagination running amok, A pothole you’d rather call a crater, or a fender bender in traffic. All, in a day for you to negotiate. But you can let life surprise your all-electric Chetak, because we built it solid; We built it to be Fully Lifeproof! Book yours today. #FullyLifeproof #Chetak #ChetakIsElectric

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